We want to make babies and parents happy

This has been the focus of all our thoughts and actions here at MAM for over 40 years now. That we are on the right path with this mission is demonstrated by the global success of our products and the growth of our company: In the past few years, we have opened up many new countries and markets and continue to develop on a permanent basis. This development process is, of course, not yet finished. Like our little consumers, the babies, we continue to grow, learn constantly and use new skills and even more know-how. We are curious, like to try things out and look with confidence toward the future. This has a direct impact on our economic success, our products, our relationship to the environment and our social relationships, as shown by the four chapters of this sustainability report. Our report is based on the new Standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and thus fulfils all the criteria of a contemporary report.

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„We are growing together“
„Right now I am experiencing how a baby is growing inside me. Growth always means change, which is something I see every day at MAM: Our company is steadily evolving – now with subsidiaries in 13 countries“
Li Zhen Arroyave-Gao, International Country Coordinator, with her husband Daniel

The MAM mission – and why we do what we do

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Anniversary: 40 Years of MAM

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Interview with MAM founder Peter Röhrig

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New products: Good innovators are good listeners

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Economic sustainability in numbers
Our Goal: A long-term and stable sustainable growth strategy
employees 2016
growth in sales over the last 10 years
70 m
products sold worldwide
and China are the latest affiliates of MAM

Eating, drinking, playing

„We are always curious“
„My Emma learns something new every day. Her curiousity is boundless and infectious. This is good because when developing our products at MAM, creativity and openness are vital for new ideas“
Josef Pogatsch, Technical Product Manager, with his daughter Emma (4 months)

Quality management: Only the best make it on the shelf

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Service for parents: Two digital offers with added value

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Research: Study about the MAM Perfect

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Interview with MAM plastics specialist Norbert Polatschek

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Product-specific sustainabilty
Our Goal: The health of babies and product safety as our highest priority
of our product parts-suppliers are from Austria
Natural latex are used annually
medical partners support MAM
patents protect the MAM products


„We take care of our environment“
„It’s important to me that my children are conscious of their environment and that they treat nature with respect. I also live this belief on the job. It helps me make our company more sustainable and environmentally friendly.“
László Pungor, Head of Quality Management, with his twin sons Mark and Mate (6 years)

Thailand: Energy efficiency in the Kabin Buri plant

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Upcycling? This is how old MAM products are recycled

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Hungary: Responsible production and energy audit

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A day in the life of a Thai rubber farmer

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Environmental sustainability in numbers
Our Goal: Continuous reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions over the entire product life cycle.
CO2 emissions can be reduced when sterilising our products
ist the proportion of renewable materials at Hat Yai
of CO2 per year saved in Kabin Buri
neutral mobility in Vienna


„We learn from each other“
„I see with my children that not only the older one ­teaches the younger one something, but also the other way around. It’s like this in the MAM family too, where we learn from each other. My task is to promote and shape this process“
Sandra Chini, HR Manager with her children Victoria (3 years) and Constantin (2 years)

Corporate Volunteering: MAM Charity Events

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Anti-corruption: Code of conduct and ethically proper dealings

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Educational work: Sharing knowledge without words

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Working at MAM: What we offer our employees

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Social sustainability in numbers
Our Goal: Not only to be a good employer, but also to expand our network of medical experts and develop our products together with them.
female employees
of our employees have children
medical experts worldwide
return after parental leave

The MAM CSR report ends here, but our commitment continues: We’ll keep working to make babies and parents happy in the future, too.

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