Service for parents: Two digital offers with added value

We have the needs of children and their parents constantly in focus – and it goes beyond just soothers and the like. That’s why, in addition to MAM products, we also offer free value-added services.

MAM Diary App

A digital baby diary conquers the world.

The first tooth, the first step, the first time baby says “mama”: Life with a baby is full of firsts. "The MAM Diary App records milestones that are often forgotten in the course of the year," explains Susanne Pohlert, Team Lead Digital Brand Management. "Apart from this, everyday events like going for a walk, a visit with a friend or other practical information can also be documented. For example: When did I last breastfeed or change diapers?" The nicest photos can be put into an album, and best of all: Users can share it all with their partners. The reactions so far? "We interviewed 200 users and the overwhelming majority are thrilled," Susanne said. In 2016 alone, the app was downloaded 35,000 times in the seven countries in which it was available (Austria, Germany, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Brazil). 2017 sees the launch in Italy and new features are already in the works.


Little Big Heart

Our online magazine is also available as an app. 

"Millennials want independent information and no ads," says Susanne. “And, they prefer to have it on their smart phone.” Thus came the idea for a ­magazine for new mothers and fathers (to be), featuring well-­researched articles with substance and a sense of humour. “It all revolves around babies: pregnancy, childbirth, the first months, but also lifestyle and fashion", says the expert. The magazine website went online in May of 2016 and the app has been available since November, allowing users to access interesting ­content anytime and anywhere with their smart phone. Another plus: Articles can still be read using the convenient offline mode when there is no, or only a very poor, internet connection.