Hungary: Responsible production and energy audit

At our location in Vaskeresztes, there is quite a lot going on. Production is always busy and then there are expansions related to increased product demand. But we are also constantly investing in energy efficiency improvements, too.

Heating with the window open, leaving the lights on at night and even ignoring how hot the back of the old refrigerator is for a couple of months. We all know how things like this waste energy. But what if the room is a warehouse and, instead of a refrigerator, it’s the climate control system for a nearly 15,000 square metre factory unnecessarily eating up electricity? In the long term, resource-conserving practices in production not only pay off for us, but for the environment as well.

More space, less consumption

In its 26 years of existence our factory in Vaskeresztes has increased in size by nearly a factor of forty. In 2015, the steadily increasing demand for our products finally necessitated a particularly large expansion. We have used this as an opportunity to invest in clever ways to save energy. Since 2016, not only the new buildings, but all areas in use have been equipped with motion detectors for efficient lighting. With planning the new areas, a well-lighted interior through the use of large windows and energy-saving light shafts was important to us.

Tips from the pro

Our on-site management team continuously discusses possible improvements during monthly plant walk-throughs. We even let the experts have a closer look. The consulting firm Menerko carried out an intensive audit in July 2016 and provided us with further proposals for optimisation. The ceiling fans in the warehouse circulate warm air downwards into the working area during winter. Solar collectors on the roof now provide hot water for the new locker rooms. Even a compressor with a heat recovery system was even installed. The recovered thermal energy is then used for heating.

Fit – not just for electric use

Our environmental initiatives in ­Vaskeresztes go even further: We constantly improve our work processes. For ­example, we have invested in new equipment for product printing and production – with a longer service life and more economical use of raw materials. Other resource-conserving measures include increased waste separation and waste prevention, the recycling programme and waste compacting project as well as the change from particular hazardous chemicals to environmentally friendly materials.