Upcycling? This is how old MAM products are recycled

From old to new. At the end of every product life cycle comes disposal. But why throw away something nice if another use can be found for it?

I see with my children that not only the older one ­teaches the younger one something, but also the other way around. It’s like this in the MAM family too, where we learn from each other. My task is to promote and shape this process

No creativity wasted

At MAM, upcycling is already something of a tradition. After the initial success of our “2nd Life” competition in cooperation with the Vienna University of Applied Arts in 2014, we decided to continue:  The same year we called for an internal competition among the employees in Austria and repeated the action in the following year. In the fall of 2015 we finally conducted the first international MAM Office Upcycling Competition. Our country teams accepted the challenge and came up with a number of ideas for creative waste recycling. A ten-person jury from different departments judged all submissions according to five criteria: Creativity, time and effort, functionality/applicability, wow factor and overall impression. We would like to introduce three contributions at this point.

A light goes on in Brazil

A whole series of upcycling proposals came to us from Brazil, but three designs were particularly noteworthy. Who would think, for example, of using pink and blue soothers as elegant framing for the men’s and ladies’ toilets? The colour-matched magnetic clip was another useful application and is already in use as a notepad on the office refrigerator. With their night-light idea our Brazilian colleagues really gave old soothers a chance to shine again. That persuaded our jury and so the 2016 MAM Upcycling Award went to MAM Brazil.

Upcycling deluxe from France

Also at MAM France little soothers were turned into great works of art. First, they wanted to reach for the sky and built an impressive ­soother hot air balloon for their conference room. A perfect doll’s bed was created in ­painstaking detail which even lights up in the dark through the use of our Night Collection. And finally, a few reclaimed soothers made it back onto the shelf: as MAM lettering in a product display. 

The giant Swiss soother

Let’s go all out, thought our colleagues in Switzerland. They came out big in our upcycling challenge and quickly turned 1,000 soothers into a huge sculpture. The idea, colour selection and the creation of cardboard stencils took just one day. On the next day, everything was sorted, the wire mesh framework was constructed and finally, the giant soother was put together. Although the entire team worked ­together, it was evening before the last soother was put in place.