Anniversary: 40 Years of MAM

In four decades, MAM has grown steadily and has continued to evolve - with new and improved products, through additional business areas and locations as well as international subsidiaries.

1975: The Company name MAM ist born

With a team of designers, Peter Röhrig begins work on developing a soother ­prototype. Inspired by ­typical baby talk, the name MAM is born.

1976: Soother

The first MAM ­soother comes on the market. Its child-friendly and ergonomic design mark the first step in a 40 year success story.

1987: Distribution Centre

The international sales and production centre is ­established in Switzerland.

1989: UK & Sweden

MAM UK is ­established in Great Britain. In the following year, Swedish ­market ­leader Bambino was bought (­Bambino MAM).

1990: Production

The first production centre is opened in Hungary.

1991: Germany

MAM Germany is founded.

1994: Teethers

They support healthy jaw development and encourage active learning.

1997: Research & Development

The MAM product development ­department moves to Siegendorf.

1998: Brazil & ­Hungary

The first expansion outside of Europe and MAM Hungary gets started.

2000: Toothbrushes

New in the Oral Care portfolio: Developed with dentists, the brushes help get accustomed to oral hygiene.

2002: Expansion of production

The group’s own Thaimed latex production begins operation in Thailand. Working conditions go far beyond local standards.

2004: Anti-Colic

After intensive market research and ­scientific evaluation, the first MAM Anti-Colic bottle is launched. It remains one of the most ­popular MAM products today.

2007: MAM Perfect

A product star is born: The soother with the especially thin and flexible teat neck begins its own success story.

2008: USA & Spain

MAM ­companies established in the USA and Spain.

2011/12: France & Greece

­Establishment of two more MAM companies.

2016: Toys

With the MAM Friends, made of natural ­rubber, the first collection of developmental toys hits the market. 

2016: Company anniversary

MAM celebrates its 40th birthday.