The MAM mission – and why we do what we do

We are on a mission with our products and services. We want to make life for parents and babies better. This ambition guides our thinking and actions.

"To be successful as a brand today it is no longer enough to talk about what we do and how we do it. Above all, we need to explain why we do it, so our stakeholders can identify with our values”, explains International Brand Director Michaela Reisenbichler. Parents, medical experts, suppliers, trading partners and our employees should have a clear picture of how MAM works and what drives us. Therefore, in a company-wide process in which employees of all hierarchy levels took part, we wrapped up our brand awareness in a nutshell. To what purpose? “The MAM Mission is the reference point for all of our activities as a company and as a brand”, says Michaela. “It’s not an invention but rather a part of our DNA.”

Because babies are our future

Naturally, this credo also has an impact on our CSR commitment, which we have expanded and professionalised in recent years. In this area we have oriented ­ourselves to a clear vision: “We want to use our abilities to make the world better. More responsible. More fare-sighted. Because the babies of today are the parents of tomorrow.” The fact that we think and act sustainably is not just lip service: The implementation of appropriate environmental and social measures across the entire value chain as well as our participation in various ­sustainability initiatives and projects are testimony to this. The best proof of this is this report itself, in which we have carefully implemented the new guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI Standards) for the ­preparation of sustainability reports.