Anti-corruption: Code of conduct and ethically proper dealings

Clear rules. We have implemented a code of conduct and an anti-corruption programme. Above all are human rights – and that naturally goes also for our production facilities in Thailand.

Imagine you are a MAM employee and you are given a laptop completely free by a potential business partner. Can you keep it? Even if no business comes out of it? Or does this fall under bribery? We are highly concerned about questions like these. In addition to sustainable management, environmental protection and social justice, MAM places particular importance on ethically correct behaviour.

In order to ensure this we have our code of conduct: It is based on the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact and is part of our CSR philosophy. Not only all employees in all MAM countries must adhere to it – it also applies to our suppliers. With their signature, they commit to paying their employees fairly, to respect the environment in all their activities, and much more.



But that is not all. In 2017, we will start to roll out our anti-corruption programme at MAM – despite the fact that we were not faced with corruption in the reporting period of 2015 and 2016. This involves rules for gifts such as the above-mentioned laptop, travel expenses, dealing with authorities and other important aspects that should strengthen our anti-corruption culture. We are planning training for employees, which will further define our code of conduct. In addition, the ethics ­representatives at MAM should continually be involved and act as a first contact for instances of suspected corruption. We don’t fool around when it comes to responsibility. CSR has always had, and will continue to have top priority for us in the future.


Susanna Wagner


PS: As a MAM employee, you could not accept the laptop. It would be a gift of too high a value.