Educational work: Sharing knowledge without words

Safe sleep. MAM develops information material without text. It visualises important topics such as oral hygiene or SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), and does it all without words.

Faizah is at the paediatrician with her daughter Kalila. On the table in the waiting room is a stack of magazines that Faizah can’t read. But the MAM info sheet about SIDS is there, too. It describes with pictures, among other things, that babies sleep best on their back on a firm surface in a baby sleeping bag. Faizah picks it up – and understands.



Not all new parents have the opportunity to get information on important questions and topics – they may have a language barrier like Faizah, for example. MAM developed educational material, like the SIDS info sheet, for people like her. The idea came from a training course that Monika Skokan, the team leader for medical science cooperation at MAM, attended at the Graz University Clinic. “Paediatrician Prof. Kerbl emphasised how difficult it is to reach particularly vulnerable families. That just clicked with me,” recalls Monika. The idea for the info sheet was born, now was the time to make it happen. There was already a comprehensive brochure on the subject of SIDS co-developed by Prof. Reinhold Kerbl, head of the paediatrics department. at the Upper Styria Regional Hospital in Leoben. It served as a basis for content – an advantage since both the concept and comic characters had to be deve­loped for the oral hygiene info sheet. “What we learned here is that clear, simple pictures are better than playful and finely detailed ones,” says Monika.

Difficult topics simply prepared

Here too, Prof. Kerbl lent his paediatric expertise and an agency took care of working up the two-page SIDS info sheet. Today, it is available in medical practices, hospitals and clinics, and can be ordered free of charge from the MAM healthcare professionals ­online shop. “The SIDS info sheet is an absolute hit with both medical professionals and parents,” says Monika. How does she explain that? “It’s hard to talk about SIDS. With the pictures though, we were able to present the topic in an easy to understand and accessible form.” Now Faizah knows what to pay attention to when putting Kalila to bed. She told her friends about it who are mothers, too.